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Welcome to Oaks Alternative Incarceration Program

The Mission

Oaks Alternative Incarceration Program is  two-part program designed to be a practical, economical, and socially acceptable means to end the tragedy of disrupted families, reduce over-crowding in federal prisons, and provide substantial relief to taxpayers for the cost of inmate housing, government subsidies, and negative economic impacts along with performing in-depth studies on methods to  significantly reduce recidivism of inmates.

The Problem: Social, Physical, Emotional, Economic Impact on Families

Family Impacts

  • Loss of parent and at least ½ of family income
  • Kids placed in foster, with relatives or separated
  • 10% of inmate’s children are unable to finish high school, entering the workforce to support the family
  • Families spend thousands on incarcerated relatives
  • Children of incarcerated parents are six times more likely to go to prison.

How Oaks Achieves the Mission


A stringent Risk Assessment for eligibility prior to admittance into the program

State-of-the-Art Monitoring System

Training, Education, and Mentoring, Employment sources and re-entry programs to reduce recidivism.

In-depth research programs to determine the efficacy of program in reducing recidivism Training education etc. to assure re entry success

Directors, Officers & Key Staff

  • Our leadership team has experience with early stage, high growth and mature stage company operations
  • Directors and Executives each have decades of experience in IT, operations management, biological science and criminal law.
  • The Oaks’ Board Members, Officers and Teams have overall management responsibility for developing risk assessment vetting criteria, communication with inmate families and corrections institutions, all core business operations including HR, financial and contract management, performance management and reporting