3/13/2019 3:07:13 PM


I saw (redacted) today and read your first email.  Nothing surprises me anymore unfortunately!  This article is very interesting.  In fact (probably ill-advised) I wrote Mr. Samples yesterday and basically told him that it is a shame he is a self-proclaimed "prisoner advocate" and yet he is bashing a woman who yes, has a felony on her record, but is doing something amazing.  I will one day leave here and have a felony on my record as well.  And I would hate to think that whatever work I do, or business I want to start that I will be forever branded a "fraud" because I have spent time in prison.  I wont even get into the fact most of us are here because of prosecutorial misconduct!  It just irritated me that his whole article was about prison time and not about what you are trying to do.  He had zero facts in his email.  This cant be an easy task, and NO ONE has attempted something like this before.  I still applaud you regardless of the outcome.  You have been an inspiration to me and I told you before so many people leave prison and get on with their lives and forget about the people still there.  You are doing something about it!  You didn't have to take on the endeavor, and yet you choose to even though you have this bad press, millions of negative emails, etc.  And you still keep your positive attitude.  I hope that this takes off and I have the opportunity to work with you for Oaks of Justice.  I took my paralegal course just to help people like me when I am out.  Hopefully that is sooner rather than later!

All this being said, THANK YOU.  I know you don't accept that all the time, but I mean it.  For whatever reason 3  plus years ago you and I had a connection and that stays true to this day.  I appreciate everything that you are doing and have become very good at blocking out the "haters."  I do look forward to waving at them as I go out the door!  Keep it up!  :)

Hugs (and be safe!!)  And sending positive thoughts.