Oaks of Justice, LLC will provide full-intense, 24/7 state-of-the-art security including, but not limited to, satellite monitored Personal Locator Device (PLD) specifically designed for this purpose.  Additionally, monitoring by means of PLD includes the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as audio and video communication via electronic monitoring wrist units and along with unscheduled person-to-person contact.  This level of monoitoring also included BioMetrics (pulse and respiration)    


Inmate will tender authorization to a person as their representative to facilitate (assist in faxing, copying, and email, etc.) the inmates paperwork for the process. All the requests for program participation will be processed by Oaks of Justice, LLC and will not be dependent upon the institution staff.  FORMS, instructions, rules, etc. (the documents needed for participation in the program) will be made available through EMAIL TO EACH AUTHORIZED PERSON. This program is available throughout the country to qualified inmates equally without discrimination at any level.    

WHY this Program is needed:


  1. To minimize the social, psychological and economic damages to children and families, by placing the inmate parents and caregivers back into their homes with limitations imposed to meet standards of sentencing. HCP provides an opportunity for furloughed inmates to accept the responsibilities of being productive in the community.   
  2. To reduce the cost and burden to U.S. taxpayers who now fund welfare, housing, and health care for family members of incarcerated inmates.   
  3. To relieve families of added expenses needed to support the inmate including communications from the prison, visitation, restitution payments, dental/healthcare co-pays, and basic needs – to include over-the-counter medications not provided by the BOP. 
  4. To allow Qualified participants to receive, as well as pay for their medical services, and all housing requirements permissible under USSC standards; thereby, the paticipant is the responsible party for self-care and not taxpayers (as currently in place by city and state governments).


This program deals positively with the medical care, economic, emotional, social, political, and safety issues within the current system.  Most importantly, these goals are accomplished at  a 5 year savings to the US Taxpayers of $4.2 BILLION.     

See our FAQs and Qualifications Pages