Q: How much money goes to BOP?

A: None


Q: What if I do not qualify?

A: Your money will be refunded 100%. Please be reasonably confident before applying.     ASK Questions.

Q: How are applications submitted?

A: All applications will be submitted electronically only WHEN REQUESTED BY THE PROCESSING COMPANY, an email from Oaks will be sent with instructions on how and when to submit the applications.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: It will take up to 30 days to process applications and schedule you to have the PLD ( wrist unit) fitted and activated.


Q: What happens after activation by the Oaks of Justice program for me?

A: You will have a short orientation by OAKS staff before leaving the institution, then you return to your home address 


Q: What can inmates do to speed up the process?

A: Make sure outside contact has complete contact information, address information of home and return all documents requested.


Q: What is expected of inmates upon release?

A: Home Confinement Participants go home and those with jobs will work, those without are confined to Home.


Q: Are there different restrictions on working vs nonworking vs elderly

A: Yes. the working HCP Participants have much larger geo-yards and more freedom of activities. The non-working are limited to HOME only.  The elderly are on modified movement.


Q: What is a geo-yard?

A: Your geo-yard is a computer set a geographical boundary that must be strictly observed.


Q: Can the geo-yard be modified?

A: YES, with valid reason by submitting a request to your security monitoring officer.


Q: What do security monitoring officers do?

A: They monitor as well as respond to alerts from units. The SMO is also the go-to person with requests regarding movement changes.


Q: Can Elderly (retired) Participants work?

A: Yes, but if they work more than 20 hours per week, they should check with their retirement agency for work limitations.


Q: Does the Institution Team decide on who is approved for either program?

A: No. Oaks of Justice contracts to an Independent Firm to process applications and make a final determination. Institution Team is welcome to submit a commentary on

the individual(s). However, the ultimate decision of acceptance will be made by an independent firm.


Q: How do we get our applications submitted?

A: You have a contact at home who will handle all correspondence regarding your Home Confinement.


Q: What if I don’t have a job to go to when released?

A: Oaks of Justice cooperates with organizations that will assist inmates in obtaining gainful employment, fundamental needs such as work clothing, transportation, and housing. 

Note: These agencies are not local, state, or federally funded. They are non-profit organizations that operate on charitable donations. Oaks does not have any agreements with these agencies nor do we receive any compensation for referrals.

Q: How is our legal status recorded by law enforcement?

A: You will be listed in NCIC, AFIS, and other Law enforcement data systems as “Home Confinement Federal Inmate.”

Q: What if there are enhancements in the sentence?

A: The application must go through RISK REVIEW for processing instead of the regular processing firm.

Q: What if the inmate has more months listed in the qualifications?

A. The application must go to RISK REVIEW for a decision. 


Q. What information is verified?

A. EVERYTHING. Every statement, claim or response is VERIFIED as part of the processing actions.


Q: If we violate the rules can it result in being returned to Institution?

A: Level Two violations can result in revocation of the program participation. Level One violations are less serious and dealt with independently of the DHO hearing officer at the BOP/ Institution.