OVER 60 and Disabled Participants of the Home Confinement Program (HCP) must meet the same requirements and qualifications as other participants . No  Violent crimes and NO child related enhancments or charges are accepted into the program. Only minimum, low, out, and community custody levels will qualify. All other terms of qualifications are the same for all Home Confinement Program Participants. Program Completion deposit or a Completion Fee, if necessary, is paid by the HCP Participant, not the Institution, BOP or other agency or Bureau of the US Government.  


Disabled Particpants will undergo medical review of each application.ALL Participants are activated with state-of-the-art GPS/biometric surveillance  Personal Locator Devices (PLDs). Definition of Disability for these purposes is an individual who has a debilitating physical ailment that is permanent and prevents working and inhibits normal daily activities. Disabled does not include everyone who takes medication daily. They will bear their medical costs and their health coverage and fees for care. All parties will execute all relevant documents to the Disabled participants' obligation for medical expenses and medical care.  


Completion  Deposit for 

White Collar


 1. MUST NOT  be in IFRP refusal status or another restriction status. Must be US Citizen. Must be in custody levels as stated above.


2. No one with a "detainer" will be eligible.


3.  First-Time Offender, nonviolent, white collar, no incident reports for one year or since arrival at the institution. 


4.    White Collar 

   A. If the time is remaining at the institution of thirty (30) months or less left on sentence,    No Program Completion Fee 

   B.  with 31- 60 months balance of the sentence. Program Completion fee is $500.

   C.   with 61-96 months balance of the sentence. Program Completion Fee is $800 .

   D.  with 97-110 months balance of the sentence. Program Completion Fee is $1200.

   E.  over 110 months requires RISK REVIEW


5.   Qualifications for Drug Offenders (Completion FEES are not refunded)

    A.   sentence Balance one to 12 monthno Program Completion Fee 

    B.  Sentence Balance 13-24 months, $250 Program Completion Fee 

    C. Sentence Balance 25-36 months, $500 Program Completion Fee

    D. Sentence Balance 37-60 months, $850 Program Completion Fee

    E.   61+ months – not eligible for participation, without Risk Review


*5. CaseRiskReview – COMPLETION DEPOSITS. Deposits are held until completion of the  HCP program and 80% is returned to Individual who posts the deposit, Completion Fees and Completion Deposits are two different conditions. First-time Non-Violent with Enhancements EXCEPT Child endangerment enhancement or charge or with over allowable Months on balance of Sentence

      A. 1-36 months $3,250               B. 37-48 months $4,000              C.  49-60 months $5,000

   D. 61-84 months $7,500             E.  85-110 months $12,500           OVER 110 Months $25,000        

· Case RISK REVIEW applications are completed by an independent committee of 3 Professional individuals who do not work for the Federal Government or Oaks of Justice.